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Essential Oils and the Misconceptions that are causing problems

Helen MacIsaac-Bertrim

Posted on June 15 2018

Essential Oils and the Misconceptions that are causing problems

Since I have started taking the Aromatherapy course, I am finding myself sticking my nose into others peoples business.  This is not something I usually do, I try to keep the peace and let people do their own thing, as everyone should.  But lately that  part of me is getting stirred up and I just can't keep quiet any longer. I am having feelings that quite honestly I am not sure how to deal with. There is irritation, judgement and the need for me to say something. It has been scary for me as I had no idea where these feeling were coming from.  Why am I feeling like this? Why, all of a sudden, is stuff  bothering me?  Well today I realized why.  That why, is because I now have knowledge, and knowledge is power.  Its the power to help people understand things, the knowledge to sort through all the crap on the internet about proper and safe use of essential oils.

There are a lot of misconceptions on the internet about essential oils. The people who learn how to sell essential oils from large companies that only want to sell oils.  The companies that only care about the bottom line. Sell more, Sell more.

I hear things like "Sure, use 20 drops in the diffuser, run it all day.  Theres no harm."  "Yes, of course you can put it in your water, No it wont hurt you,"  "Absolutely wear that citrus lotion on your skin and then go and bake in the sun, you'll be fine." Heres the thing though,  YES they CAN hurt you.  As I am learning in my course, It is against everything that the organization stands for to promote ingestion of the  oils,  As in, if an aromatherapist is found to be using ingestion in any of their treatments, they will lose their license. The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy will remove them from their organization.   Think about that, this is an Organization that is all about the safety and proper use of essential oils, they don't sell essential oils, they just promote education and making sure that the professionals are held accountable for their use of the oils.

I am not saying that I am all knowing but I am realizing just how little I knew about essential oils.  It actually scares me to know that so many people are oblivious to the power and toxicity of essentials oils. They can heal and harm you.

Ingesting oils will overload your own filtration system, and can cause burns internally.    If you want to put lemon in your water, slice a lemon.  Mint, sure go in the garden a pick a sprig. 

Oils are wonderful but no one oil is good for everyone . Everyone is different, everyone has different issue, everyone has different makeup and this will change how the oils works.

People with cancer and undergoing treatment need to be careful when using essential oils.  

Aromatherapists Jane Buckle, Ann Percival and Pam Conrad are RNs who have studied this issue and worked with many clients in active chemotherapy. As a result of their observations and research, it's suggested that because essential oils can compete with the receptor sites for chemotherapy, essential oils can be applied in massage up to two days before a chemo treatment, and then should not be used for nine to 10 days after chemotherapy is administered. At all times during the chemo regimen, keep the dose of essential oils low by using only two drops per ounce of carrier oil or lotion.  For full article click here https://bit.ly/2JNh0VL

Some oils can only be used for a short period of time at a low dilution as they can be toxic.  

I had someone tell me that that my knowledge was just my opinion. lol. (Yeah, reading the scientific data is just an opinion.) She then told me that she will continue to tell people to use whatever oils they feel comfortable using. My jaw hit the floor. She had no knowledge. She also said that she  trusted the company that she sells for and will go by what they say.  This was regarding a pregnant woman, which there in itself is a red flag to use caution. More on this in a separate blog post. 

I hope that this hits home for some people.  And if it makes you angry because you are one of the people that sell oils and trust the company who wants you to sell more, than good, I hope it has opened your eyes.  This is plant medicine as should be used accordingly.

Caution needs to be used with use of any essential oils. Please don't rely on the internet for information.  Find a Certified Aromatherapist, they are the ones who have gone to school and researched all the data, and continuously attending classes to stay current.  Knowledge is power people!! Education is key!!

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